Is 'Authentic' Marketing Even Possible?

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Is 'authentic' marketing even possible?

Hint: you're asking the wrong question.


We agree with Seth Godin that there are two types of marketing:

1) The kind everyone hates (scammy, spammy, overpriced, under-designed and selfish) that most marketers practice.

2) The inspirational kind (that inspires us, solves a genuine problem and builds a lifelong relationships). 

The latter is human-centric, focuses on helping others, and although it's hard to come by, when you do experience it, it sticks with you.

When marketers complain about algorithm changes on platforms like Facebook and Google, we're often missing the big picture: most algorithm changes are done to create a better user experience.

Why would these platforms prioritize a marketer's experience over a general user's experience? It's true that marketers bring in the bucks, but there are no bucks to be made if bad user experience drives away all the users.

The algorithm changes are bringing these platforms closer to human-centered, authentic marketing and forcing marketers to abandon most of their cheap and sleazy sales tricks.

Instead of complaining and looking for new ways to 'game' the system (all of which are inevitably discovered and blocked by the algorithms), we need to embrace the challenge to engage in authentic marketing.

After all the algorithm changes and the rise-and-fall of marketing platforms, this is the only kind of marketing that will be left when the dust settles.

The question shouldn't be "Is 'authentic' marketing possible?", but rather "Can we afford to engage in anything but authentic marketing?".

Christina Gmyr