The Perfect Content Recipe to Boost Engagement and Traffic

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The Perfect Content Recipe to Boost Engagement

Check out our secret sauce for delighting your readers + boosting engagement.


The research done by Buzzsumo of over 100 million articles on what types of content users share the most is a goldmine of insights.

But today I'm just going to focus on one of our favorites: Infographics.

The research looked at what formats of posts typically receive the most shares, and the answer didn't surprise us:

People love sharing lists and infographics.

List posts and infographics receive more average shares than other content types.

Graph by  OkDork

Graph by OkDork


Surprisingly, how-to posts and videos receive less shares than the average post.

Say whaaaat?! 😱

Everyone has been pushing video like it's the silver bullet to falling reach and increasing competition, so how could this be true?

The answer: simplicity.

In this age of information overload, lists and infographics give readers an exact idea on what to expect, they're skim friendly, easy to read on the run, and it's no secret that people love images.

This doesn't mean there's no place for lengthy 'How To' posts and videos (there definitely is!).

It just tells us that lists and infographics are definitely not dead; they're thriving and a fantastic way to boost your reader engagement and traffic.

Our absolute favorite way to maximize this tendency is to combine the two! 

Yes, it's totally possible to turn a listicle into an infographic, and in our experience, it works extremely well.

Here are a few examples of list-infographics we've developed:


Now, for the secret sauce:

pair your infographic with a fun giveaway . . . 

. . . and 💥 you've got a recipe for supercharged engagement and traffic!

Here are some tips from our experience using this recipe:

Pro Tip #1: After trying many different giveaway-hosting apps, we've found Gleam (affiliate link) to be the easiest-to-use, most powerful and most reasonably priced. It also has the best design.

Pro Tip #2: The more visually appealing your infographic design is, the better. Users are not inclined to share poorly-designed infographics!

Pro Tip #3: Your giveaway doesn't have to be something huge like a $10,000 trip to Hawaii, but it does have to be a good fit for your audience. Small prizes can easily delight + excite. :) 

Pro Tip #4: Boost your post in Facebook and don’t forget to share heavily to Pinterest (infographics do extremely well there).

Pro Tip #5: Make sure the accompanying blog post is well written and SEO-optimized, and include the giveaway only at the end of the blog. Don’t include the word “giveaway” in the meta description or URL; keep reading to see why . . .

Now, you might be wondering what happens after the giveaway ends.

You’ve invested tons of time creating a fabulously shareable infographic with an exciting giveaway to boost, but once the excitement dies down, is that it?

Nope. It doesn’t have to be!

There’s one final step to maximizing your ROI on this whole endeavor.

Now for our second secret sauce (we love sauce) . . .

leverage Your infographic to BOOST SEO

Once the giveaway is over, remove any mention of “Giveaway” from the title of the article, as we want this post to now be an evergreen ROI-producing machine. (Refer back to our “Pro Tip #4” from above.)

Now all that’s left to do is an SEO link building campaign and some influencer/PR outreach.

The better your infographic, the more sites will want to embed it on theirs (with a link back to your site), resulting in a significant boost to your site’s SEO and traffic.

Depending on the content, important websites or industry influencers may want to either embed your infographic or share your blog post with their audience.

Either way, you win! 🎉

Our final tip: Make sure to set up an extensive evergreen social campaign for recurring traffic. And don’t forget to have an enticing lead magnet offer + email drip to capture as many leads as possible from all of the incoming traffic!

Want a custom infographic to boost your brand?

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Christina Gmyr