Focus on THIS in 2019 to Get 18x More ROI (than social media)


Focus on THIS in 2019 to Get 18x More ROI (than social media)

SEO produces more ROI than all other marketing channels. So why are you spending all your money on ads?


A recent study (of 208 companies that generate over a million dollars in revenue) revealed that SEO produces a higher ROI than paid advertising for most businesses, yet very little budget gets allocated to it.

Golden opportunity? Yes, absolutely.

Let’s dig into it:

The study found that SEO produces approximately 655% ROI on marketing spend, whereas Facebook ads produces around 300%.

SEO never looked so good, right? Well, stick with me - it gets better.

When compared to organic social media (with a 35% ROI), SEO results in over 18 times higher return on money spend.

So why on earth are you spending all of your budget on paid ads?

Ad costs are constantly on the rise (and wishful thinking won’t bring them back down). Plus, users prefer to click on organic listings over ads (only 2.6% of searches result in a paid ad click).


Should you stop all paid ad campaigns?

No. They can still be easier to scale and convert, plus you’ll see a quicker ROI, which can be reassuring.

But you should be maxing out your SEO spend to get the highest ROI in the long run.


Sound too good to be true?

You’re right - SEO is not a quick win, so don’t expect to see that high ROI right off the bat. You’ll need a good 6-12 months to see the best results, and the work must be done consistently.

Also keep in mind that black-hat SEO techniques that rely on getting low-quality backlinks can, and will, hurt your site’s SEO. Slow and steady definitely wins this race!



Ugh, waiting sucks. Is there anyway to see SEO results ASAP?

So glad you asked. If anyone promises you immediate results from SEO (or even claims to guarantee results which goes directly against Google’s policy) - RUN. This type of person will say anything to get your money, and either A) doesn’t care if they get you results or B) will use black-hat techniques that may get results in the short run but will likely destroy your business in the long run.

That being said, there IS a way to see quick SEO results, but not from Google.

The answer is Pinterest!

Pinterest is a search engine, NOT a social media platform, and it is one of the few marketing channels where you can still effectively ‘growth hack’ without being penalized.

With an aggressive Pinterest strategy you can expect to see a significant uptick in traffic within the first month, with exponential growth after that.


Should you stop all organic social media?

No, but you should definitely not be on every single platform. Pick 1-2 platforms where your ideal audience hangs out most and focus on those.

It’s more important than ever to show the ‘human’ side of your company, especially if you’re looking to form long term, mutually beneficial relationships with your users, so do less self-promotion and more vulnerable, ‘behind-the-scenes’ posts for best results.

Also remember that you don’t own your social media. Your 200,000 followers today could turn into ZERO tomorrow if a social network shuts down.


what can you do to future-proof yourself?

Optimize your website for conversions to funnel incoming traffic onto your email list.

Yes, email open and click rates are down BUT they still have way higher conversion rates than social media! And at least you own your email list and aren’t at the mercy of a cranky algorithm every time you want to alert your followers of a flash sale.

So how do you put all of this together for a 2019 that overflows with leads and sales?

Here’s the formula:

Organic SEO+ Pinterest SEO + On-site Conversion Optimization (9).png

You’re welcome! Now go kick your 2019 revenue goals out of the water!

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