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To add value, boost engagement & delight.




Growth booster

Our Growth Booster package combines amazing, SEO-optimized content with monthly on-and-off site SEO and Facebook ad campaigns for rapid growth + nonstop leads.

This is by far our most effective package for continuous growth across social media + organic search.

investment: $4500/mo*

(Click on each to expand)

  • Monthly Report on 10 Most Effective Blog Topics (+)

    • We research the most effective content topics for you based on keywords and what’s trending across social media to ensure high engagement on every blog post

  • Two 2000-Word Blog Posts (+)

    • Voice-matching to fit your brand, research and SEO-optimization included

    • Fully optimized headlines for more traffic

    • (Alternatively, can be four 1000-word posts)

  • 1 Beautiful Infographics (+)

    • A monthly eye-catching social explainer video to announce blog posts, sales, events, etc.

    • (Both increase engagement across social media)

  • 1 Engaging Social Video (+)

    • A monthly eye-catching social explainer video to announce blog posts, sales, events, etc.

    • Increases engagement across social media.

    • Can swap the monthly infographic for two videos.

  • 4 Facebook Ad Campaigns (+)

    • One traffic-boosting campaign per blog post

  • Monthly On & Off-Site SEO (+)

    • Includes detailed site audit, keyword research & roadmap creation, on-page SEO site optimization, off-page SEO site optimization, continued link building campaigns and monthly reports

  • Recommended Campaign Length: 6 Months (+)

    • You should see a major boost in traffic in the first month via social media, but SEO takes consistent work each month to see maximum results.

    • That’s why we recommend sticking with it at least 6 months for your best ROI.

    • We also recommend pairing with our Pinterest Growth package for even better results.

    • **10% discount when you pay 6 months upfront.




Great copy on your site is one of the best investments you can make. We offer a number of done-for-you writing services for consistently great content.

Content Marketing

  • High Quality Article = $195 (+)

    • > High quality content for websites that provides both value + entertainment. Up to 1000 words.

  • Weekly Blog Post = $597/mo (+)

    • > We’ll write fun, SEO-optimized content each week for your blog. 500 words/post.

  • 1K Words of Site Copy = $397 (+)

    • > 1K words to use as sales/informative copy on your site (homepage, landing page, etc.)

  • Copy Editing (1K words) = $97 (+)

    • > We’ll edit any 1K of copy so your message shines & customers remember your content.

  • Infographic Packages = start at $97 (+)

    • > Click here to check out our Infographic + Marketing bundles for the best value!




We'll handle everything you need for amazing email drips and newsletters that delight your contacts.

Emails & Drips

  • Premium Email Template Design = $350 (+)

    • > We’ll design a one-of-a-kind newsletter template with a fresh, fun feel that matches your brand and aligns with your goals.

  • Newsletter Management = starts at $297 (+)

    • > Weekly = $997/mo

    • > —> Sign up for 3 months of weekly newsletters & get a free Premium Email Template Design

    • > Bi-weekly = $557/mo

    • > Monthly = $297/mo

  • Email Drip Campaign = $797 (+)

    • > Strategy, research + creation of 9 drip emails optimized for conversions.

    • > Emails entered into your preferred software.

    • > Testing + contact list import also included.





We’ll set up an extensive network of automations in ActiveCampaign for a fully automated marketing system that keeps your contacts engaged and converting.

Full Automation setup

  • Full Email Marketing Automation Setup = $1497 (+)

    • > Implementation of ~30 automations for a fully automated marketing system

    • > Copy + setup of 15 emails

    • > Detailed Tagging Framework System

    • > Full QA Testing

    • > BONUS: A Free Premium Email Template Design

  • ActiveCampaign Plug+GO Launch Kit = $397 (+)

    • > Access our entire Plug+GO system of 40+ automation templates, Tagging Framework Blueprint & Marketing Strategy Playbook so you can ‘DIY’ the setting up of your own automated marketing system.



Want help growing your business?

We’d love to help!




  • Will the writing match my brand? (+)

    • You can communicate important aspects in our detailed questionnaire after purchase. We also will use your website and past content as a guideline.

  • Do I come up with the topics or do you? (+)

    • We need general idea of what topics are preferred. You can be as hands on or hands off as you want.

  • Is research included? (+)

    • With every blog post article we will conduct research. You give us the guidelines to follow and we’ll do the work.

  • Will the articles be unique? (+)

    • Yes, every piece of content is handcrafted from scratch.

  • Do you offer revisions? (+)

    • We shoot to get it right on the first draft, but do offer one round of minor revisions up to 25% of the piece of content.

  • How is work delivered? (+)

    • We’ll upload your content in a .doc(x) or .rtf formats, whichever you prefer.

  • How quick can I expect to get the completed work? (+)

    • Articles are usually ready in within 5 business days.

    • Email packages vary - contact us for a timeline.

  • Do you post the content to my website site? (+)

    • We will provide the content to you in a .doc(x) file to pass on to whoever manages your website.