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Creative Marketing & Design Studio

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We help innovative brands increase their 'sticking' power through creative, human-centered marketing & design.


Our Mission

As a family-owned marketing & design studio, we know relationships are the key to success in any industry.

Your values are reflected in every aspect of your company - and users pick up on that!

That's why we only work with conscientious brands whose mission it is to empower (never manipulate) their users.

We aim to help these brands craft unforgettable experiences that strengthen the user's relationship with the brand, builds trust, and creates a lifelong ally.


Our Process:

There's no doubt about it - your story is uniquely yours. But we have a formula for telling a brand's story to the world in a way that resonates and ‘sticks’.

Here's how we do it:


Step 1: strategize

We deep dive into your brand to find the cross section between your brand's authenticity and your audience's needs to ensure your story resonates.



Step 2: Craft

We use our combined skills and extensive experience to artistically (& strategically) develop assets and campaigns that engage & delight.



Step 3: get results

We test, revise, & repeat until we find the winning campaigns that get the best results for both you and your audience.


How we can help you:

Our personal passions have lead us to focus on the following industries:

Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Travel, & Human Rights

We've worked with brands from other industries, but the main requirement to work with us (that we really don't budge on) is that you genuinely want to help & empower your users.

Our services:


Paid Ads & Social Media Management

Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Bing, LinkedIn Ads, organic social media management - you name it, we do it. We'll even advise you on what not to do based on your budget & needs.

Email & Content Marketing

Email + content power the cyber world; no campaign can be successful without powerful email automation + engaging content to support it. We're experts at crafting and implementing both.

Graphic Design, Illustrations & Web Dev

Bad design can derail even the best campaigns, so we take your design projects seriously. From premium infographics, to hand-drawn illustrations, to eye-catching unique logos, we've got you.


Depending on your goals and business structure, SEO can be some of the most rewarding campaigns you'll ever invest in. Our team will work closely with you to maximize your ROI.

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Christina is one of those amazing individuals that surprise you daily at what she is capable of. Fast, adaptive and precise, Christina is best described as a force for good. From marketing automation, analytics, research and systems to inventive, novel creative ideas, Christina always comes with multiple options up her sleeve. Topped off by her loving heart and genuine loyalty Christina is an incredible asset to any startup or high growth venture. I cannot recommend her enough.

- Michelle Duval, CEO & Founder of Fingerprint for Success and Equilibrio -

More Praise

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Ready to boost your brand's 'stickiness' and build lifelong alliances with your users? 

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