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We feel you - you’re tired of putting out loads of amazing content only to hear crickets every single time.

Social media algorithms have you totally stressed out because you have to pay out the wazoo for your followers to even see your content. (Ahem, Facebook I'm looking at you . . . 😠)

First - don’t beat yourself up.

There are literally millions of blog posts published EACH DAY, so it's completely normal to find your content is getting lost in the ‘cyber'.

Over the years the standard advice was to keep writing every day until your eyes bleed, and eventually something will go viral and you'll be a massive online success.

Let’s be honest - with that many posts published daily, becoming a non-stop content machine really isn’t solid advice anymore.

Apart from spinning your wheels and investing tons of resources for minimal results, by posting nonstop you’re also contributing to the constant online “noise” that has everyone so stressed out.

That doesn't mean you should stop creating content, or stop trying to promote it, it just means you need to tweak your strategy.

Luckily, we've cracked the code to creating meaningful content that packs a punch.

It's not really a secret - research has repeatedly shown that content is becoming increasingly visual.

But most businesses are fully aware of this, and with so many free photo sites, nearly everyone has fab images in their posts now.

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So how the heck do you stand out?!

Here's our winning formula:

A high quality infographic + SEO-optimized blog post + giveaway + SEO link-building campaign + marketing outreach campaign = voila!

You can count on: outrageous traffic, loads of new leads, and better results than all of the content you put out in the past year combined.

  • Tried sharing an infographic before with no luck? (+)

    • Let's be real - most infographics suck. Quite frankly, they look like sh*t.

    • They're either horribly designed, basic AF, tell a really boring story, or lack any personality whatsoever.

    • And as with any piece of content, you can't just publish it and cross your fingers! You need to implement a proven strategy for getting eyes on that baby.

  • Sound like a lot of work? (+)

    • We're not gonna lie . . . it is.

    • Ideally you’ll have a graphic designer, talented writer, SEO expert, social media marketer and PR pro on your team to help you pull it off.

    • If you decide to DIY it, just know it may not be a silver bullet for all of your content woes. You may need to rinse & repeat many times before you get it right. (It is worth it though!)

    • It’s taken us a long time to devise a system, optimize the formula and an even longer time figuring out how to make amazing infographics that people genuinely love.


We’ve created three options to suit the DIYer’s, the do-it-for-me-ers (??) and everyone in between. 😊




Package 1:

DIY Blueprint

What’s Included:

You’ll get immediate access to our Infographic Traffic Explosion Blueprint so you can get your DIY on.


We’ve spend hundreds of hours honing our craft and perfecting this formula, and we’re happy to be able to share it with you in a step-by-step blueprint format.

Also included: Outreach Templates, Research Secrets (for picking the perfect topic,) and SEO Optimization Tips for best results.

Blueprint Price: $297



Package 2:

Gold Bundle

What’s Included:

  • Beautifully Designed Custom Infographic (+)

    • Includes research on chosen topic (up to 25 data points), compelling creative & original design.

  • SEO Optimized Blog Post (+)

    • Quality, magazine-type content that provides both value and entertainment. (Up to 1000 words)

  • Infographic Traffic Explosion Blueprint (+)

    • Access our entire traffic-driving formula & implement yourself (or pass to your VA).


When purchased individually:

Premium Infographic = $1997

Full Length SEO-Optimized Article = $195

Infographic Blueprint = $297

> Total normal price = $2489 <

Package 2 Price: $2197



package 3:

Platinum Bundle

What’s Included:

  • Everything from Package 2 (+)

    • Plus the following:

  • Giveaway Setup (+)

    • We’ll set up your giveaway using Gleam

  • Total Marketing Takeover: (+)

    • > SEO Link Building Campaign

    • > Influencer & PR Outreach

    • > Organic Social Media Campaign

    • > Facebook Ad Campaign


When purchased individually:

Everything from Package 2 = $2489

Giveaway Setup = $300

SEO Link Building Campaign = $297

Influencer & PR Outreach = $600

SM Organic + FB Ad Campaign = $875

> Total normal price = $4561 <

Package 3 Price: $2997






Ready FOR US to start your infographic campaign?

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