meet . the . fam

We're an eclectic hodgepodge of adjectives and stories.

The ideal creative team, if you will.

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Adversity + Diversity + Love = Strength

TL; DR version: a couple of goofs fell in love, got married & started making creativity babies.



It could have been normal; they met at a market on an average March day in Mallorca. 

But it wasn't - because they aren't.

Both travelers at heart, they'd each traveled extensively and lived in multiple countries.

She ran around the world seeking adventure and discovering her strength, while running from adversity.

He'd had his adventures years ago, but had let the island's sleepiness trickle into his veins.

He was a Spaniard from the north of Spain; she was an American from Upstate New York.

On the outside both were calm & collected, but on the inside he was water and she was fire.

He had an artist's soul with a dose of practicality and an obsession with detail; she was a dancer who loved science, sprinkled with the makings of an activist & a wanderer's streak.

Neither dreamt of ‘settling down’ in a tiny island in the Med.

Luckily, fate had its own plan for these weirdos.

An unusual couple on paper, but no one could deny – the chemistry & comprehension between them were palpable from the moment they met.

"She's the one for you," his friend prophetically whispered in his ear.

8 months later they were hitched.

Their creativity, goofiness, compassion and intuition mean they share an innate understanding with each other (the kind they thought was movie-stuff).

Their house is full of laughter, dancing, dreams and dogs.

Their experiences shaped them as individuals; their quirks forged them into a fierce creative duo.

We are the family behind Gumear, and we're delighted to meet you!

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I'm a secret goose with the uncanny ability to see in macro and micro.

I've got a mean eye for design but leave illustrations to the pro (aka the hubby). 

I'll help you paint the big picture and make damn sure the details align to bring it to life.


Born in New York, I've moved too many times to count. I'm a nerd, a dancer, a health-nut and a goofball. Nonconformists are my peeps.

I've been hustling in the world of remote work, startups and digital nomads since 2013 (you can check out my site FleetingLife if you're into that kind of thing).

My specialties lie in design-focused digital marketing, but I'm known to get nerdy with analytics and I love me some automation programming.


I'm the illustrator & logo designer whose art comes to life with the wifey's suggestions and support.

I dove head-first into the world of digital design only last year, but I've been creating and art-ing since I was a kid. Design's just something that's in your veins, you know?


I was born in Galicia, Spain, but I'm not your stereotypical Spaniard - don't let Chris' frequent "such a Spaniard" remarks fool you.

I'm decidedly a soccer non-fanatic; I'd rather be geeking out over The Lord of the Rings or dancing to my own beats.

I received my certification in Graphic Design in 2016 and have made 5 million* logos + illustrations to-date. (*scientifically proven)

Creating unique, quirky illustrations & bringing them to cyber-life is my thing.



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