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'Conversion kits'

Sign up for one of our 'pop-up' packages to kickstart your launches, optimize your funnels, & boost conversions.

Offer ends Oct 31st.

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Package 1:

Complete Funnel Kit

What's included:

(Click each to expand):

  • Optimized Landing Page Design (+)

    • We'll create a beautiful landing page for your brand that's optimized to delight + convert.

    • Click here to see samples!

  • Entire Funnel Setup (+)

    • Sync-up to your email provider,

    • Thank-you page creation,

    • Google Analytics integration,

    • Facebook pixel installation

  • Email Drip Funnel + Automation Setup (+)

    • Automated drip funnel setup, including:

    • 5 drip emails,

    • 2 upsell, incentive or re-engage emails

  • Professional Email Template Design (+)

    • We'll whip up a super snazzy email template design so every email you send is eye-catching and memorable

    • (super important when everyone's inbox is overflowing!)

  • Full Q/A Testing (+)

    • We'll perform thorough QA testing of your funnel to ensure everything is working perfectly.


We normally sell these packages individually at the following prices:

Landing page design (no setup) = $497

Funnel Setup = $447

Email Drip / Automation Funnel = $1297

Professional Email Template Design = $350

>  Total normal price = $2591  <

Package 1 Price: $997

Yup, that's way less than half what we normally charge, and no - we're not crazy! We just want to give brands with a lower budget a chance to enjoy & benefit from our top-tier services.

Sign up today, because this offer ends on Oct 31st:

Optional Add-ons:

- $297 Each -

  • 1) ActiveCampaign Plug+Go Launch & CRM Kit (+)

    • ActiveCampaign is unbelievably powerful - but it can also be unbelievably overwhelming at first. And let's be honest - you have better things to do than watch 20 hours of tutorials + spend an entire week setting up every automation needed for launches, lead magnets, proper tagging, re-engagement campaigns, upsell campaigns, and contact scoring (normally around 30 - 40 automations, minimum)!

    • Many DIY ActiveCampaign users realize after a few months of use that they: A) can't remember what all the tags were for, B) can't remember how all of the automations connect and C) their automations have become so disorganized that contacts aren't receiving the right emails or proper tagging, and they're not only annoying their contacts, but losing leads and sales in the process.

    • To solve this we've designed an entire Plug+Go system of 40+ automation templates, plus a tagging framework template so you get your entire system set up in less than an hour.

    • This system works perfectly for most businesses, but we'll also send you tips on how & what to tweak (if necessary), so the system fits your brand to a T.

  • 2) Fresh Logo Design (+)

    • (Sale price = $297, Normally $497)

    • We'll refresh + revamp your current logo design (or start from scratch!).

    • Our logos are created by a pro logo artist + illustrator, so we know you'll love the result.

  • 3) Train Your VA to Become a Content Marketing Wiz Kit (+)

    • If you've been creating loads of content but struggling to get eyes on it - don't worry, you're in good company.

    • PRO TIP: stop creating so much great content if you're not going to spend at least TWICE as much time marketing it.

    • Don't have that kind of time? Or simply don't know where to start?

    • Just pass our Content Marketing Kit onto your VA so they can take care of all the marketing (including optimizing headlines and SEO) while you focus on what you love.

    • Easy peasy!

  • 4) Plug+GO Automated Launch Playbook & Copy Generator (+)

    • Have you been thinking of launching a new product or service, but feeling totally overwhelmed by all the details?

    • With this kit you'll easily + flawlessly:

    • + Devise your launch strategy

    • + Plan your perfect dates for every aspect of your launch

    • + Instantly generate an outline of all your launch copy for emails, landing pages, social media and your sales page using our Plug+Go copy spreadsheet


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package 2:

Conversion Machine Kit

What's included:

(Click each to expand):

  • Everything from Package 1 (+)

    • Yup, all of it.

  • Any 3 of the 4 Add-ons Listed Above (+)

    • Pick any 3 of the add-ons listed above, based on your needs right now.

  • PLUS 10 Amazing Bonuses: (+)

    • Professional Branding Guide (if you choose a logo as an add-on) = $397

    • Master Google Analytics in a Day (mini-course) = $197

    • Automated UTM Parameters Template = $97

    • Content & Social Media Calendars = $47

    • Pre-Launch Strategy Kit (to plan your lead magnets & free trainings) = $297

    • Traffic-Boosting Content Marketing Checklist = $47

    • Facebook Live Starter Guide & Checklist = $47

    • 5 PR Email Outreach Templates = $47

    • What's Working in Social Media in 2018 Guide = $97

    • 15% Discount Off 3-Months of SM or Paid Ads Management (optional) = up to $675


If you were to purchase everything separately:

Everything in Package 1 individually = $2591

3 Add-ons = $891

All Bonuses Combined = $1948

>  Total normal price = $5,430  <

Package 2 Price: $1997

Again, that's way less than half our normal price. And okay, maybe we are a bit crazy, but at least you won't be during your launch. :)

This package has literally everything you need to rock your launches, increase conversions, and build an army of loyal users.

This offer ends on Oct 31st (& spaces are limited), so reserve yours now:

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