Pop-up FAQs:

The Not-So-Fine Print (because we believe in transparency. It's reasonable, we promise!)

1) Unfortunately, we can't provide any additional discounts if there's a certain aspect, add-on or bonus you don't want.

2) You'll need to fill out our detailed questionnaires before we start work. If you don't provide enough info, we'll ask you to fill out the questionnaire again - so please be thorough!

(This is essential to get you great results.)

3) In order to offer such a reduced rate and keep the quality of work high, only minor revisions are included (1 round of grammar corrections & minor tweaks).

Again, please take your time filling out the questionnaires with as much info as possible, so we can nail your work the first time around.

4) When we start your work depends on sign-up order, but it should be within 2 weeks from order date (provided we have everything we need from you).

5) Once we have everything we need from you, we should be able to complete your work within 2-4 weeks (or sooner!) as we pride ourselves on quick turnaround times.

However, the final end-date depends largely on your communication, delivery of assets, and revisions.

That said, all work must be completed before Dec 1st, 2018, unless you tell us before we start work that you'll need additional time due to a personal conflict.

--> And that's it! Everything here is just to ensure we can provide consistent, high-quality results for each of our clients. :)