/ otherwise known as 'Love Stories'. :)

April 2018

Christina is one of those amazing individuals that surprise you daily at what she is capable of. Fast, adaptive and precise, Christina is best described as a force for good.

From marketing automation, analytics, research and systems to inventive, novel creative ideas, Christina always comes with multiple options up her sleeve. Topped off by her loving heart and genuine loyalty Christina is an incredible asset to any startup or high growth venture. I cannot recommend her enough.

- Michelle Duval  |  CEO & Founder of Fingerprint for Success & Equilibrio -



February 2018

I HIGHLY recommend Dan. I couldn't be more satisfied with all the work his done for us (logo, illustrations, icons). He is a great communicator, a great artist and a pleasant person to work with.

He understood exactly what we needed and delivered in a timely fashion. Hat's up!

- Lysanne Pelletier | YOGA L'OURS -



June 2018

I was lucky enough to work with this wonder woman for almost two years. Christina is a gem of a person who can wear many hats if need be and thrive in multiple roles. I saw her single-handedly manage a very successful digital marketing campaign and created a very positive brand image of our product.

Besides her unparalleled marketing skills she always brought a positive energy to our team. She was a breeze to work with, her command our various CRM, lead gen and automated tools helped us to integrate them easily into our product. She would be most valuable asset to any team.

- Umair Abid | TkXel -



May 2017

Incredible quality of work and extremely quick turnaround - it was exactly what I was hoping for. Dan was able to immediately grasp what I was looking for - a better result would be impossible.

I'd rate him an 11 (out of 10)!

- German Bessone | Bessone Inmobiliaria -



April 2018

Christina is, quite simply, one of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. An absolute professional in everything she does, she produces high-quality and well-researched work at every turn.

Her vast knowledge of social media best practice and willingness to fine-tune and experiment get her great results, and she is an asset to any business lucky to have her.

- Catie McHugh | Content Marketing Manager at F4S -



June 2017

First, I want to thank Dan for being able to perfectly interpret what we were looking for, despite cultural differences. We'd rate him 6 stars (out of 5) without a doubt!

- Enzo Rizzi Robles | Rizzi Robles Inmobiliaria -



February 2017

Christina is a highly skilled social media marketer. Working with her has been invaluable - she innately gets the point of developing content that provides utility for the online community and consequently, gets results. She is knowledgeable, utterly approachable and creates actionable strategies that align perfectly with the overarching mission and goal.

One thing that really stood out to me while working with her was her genuine passion for creating engaging customer experiences, her fervent dedication to the brand, and her ever-flowing creativity.

- Jennee Rasavong | SheWritesContent  -



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