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Social Media management


Effective social media strategies seem to change almost daily. And don't even get us started on Facebook & Google algorithm updates!

We share some helpful tips on our blog, but if you're like most business owners, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up, not to mention finding time to actually implement the strategies.

Our Social Media Packages provide a tailored social media strategy that includes compelling posts, growth & advertising campaigns.

Choose between our two base packages, throw in a few 'add-ons' and voila! You've got a perfectly curated, done-for-you package to help establish and grow your social media presence.



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Package 1:

Starter Package

What's Included:

(Click each to expand)

  • + Management of your Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn

    • - We will curate and post unique content, as well as highlight your products and services to delight current and potential customers.

    • - We post on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, up to 5 times/week.

    • - Alternatively, you can choose 5 Instagram posts/week.

  • + Unlimited email support

    • Reach out at any time with questions, concerns, or ideas! We will get back to you asap during regular business hours.

    • You will not receive posts in advance to review, but you can work with us to refine content as we post each day.


Monthly price: $797

Who Is It For?

This package is perfect for you if you:

> are looking to have a fully done-for-you experience with an expert Social Media Marketing Manager taking care of your organic social presence,

> want to focus on maintaining and strategically building your organic presence on three social media platforms,

> have a small budget and want to get your feet wet in social media.


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Package 2:

Growth Package

What's Included:

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  • + Everything from Package 1

    • - Plus the following:

  • + Instagram management & growth

    • - Instagram add-on with 5 posts/week, account setup if necessary.

    • - Targeted follower building on your Instagram channel

  • + Light ads management

    • - Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter ads management (you can pick one)

    • - Includes one campaign/month of page or post promotion (ad spend up to $500)

  • + Ability to review content

    • - You can request a weekly content calendar of posts to review & edit before they go live.


Monthly price: $1297

Who Is It For?

This package is the right fit if you:

> want an expert Social Media Manager taking care of everything for your organic presence on FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram,

> want to quickly grow your Instagram presence and following,

> want to run one ad campaign/month to boost presence and reach,

> want the ability to review content in advance before we publish.

optional Add-ons:

  • + Small Biz Facebook Ads = $797

    • • Conversion focused to generate leads or sales. Up to $2000 budget

  • + Aggressive Facebook Ads = $1497

    • • Ad budgets of up to $5k

    • • Extensive A/B testing

    • • Development of one landing page/sales funnel, optimized for conversions

  • + Facebook Ad Retargeting Campaigns = $197

    • • (Can only be added on to Small Biz or Aggressive FB ads packages)

  • + Instagram or Pinterest Management = $497 each

    • • Daily curation and custom posts created for either your Instagram or Pinterest channel.

  • + Instagram Engagement Booster = $397

    • • We help get your posts to “trend” so your posts and profile to get a tremendous bump in likes, views, and overall engagement.

    • • Expect an engagement boost on your Instagram channel of around 2-5x.

    • • This is done via machine-based learning, so expect your results to improve the longer you subscribe.

  • + Aggressive Pinterest Growth (Full management and rapid growth) = $997

    • • Our most aggressive growth package for startups looking to dominate Pinterest and make it a rapid main traffic source.

    • • Boosts traffic, authority, brand, and SEO.

    • • Full management of Pinterest including profile optimization, content curation, Tailwind Tribe management, and 10 monthly original Pin designs.

  • + Growth Booster (Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram) = $197 each

    • • Build a massive following of fans and potential customers with this service.

    • • We will organically grow your accounts with real targeted followers.

    • • You can expect 200-1000 new followers per month, depending on the account and your target audience.

  • + Community Engagement = $197 per network

    • • Your project manager will work daily to engage with your audience, as well as other relevant accounts.

    • • Your choice of: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest.

    • • Likes to latest posts on your feed, specific hashtags, or influencer posts.

    • • Comment on and like influencer posts related to your industry.

    • • Responses to comments left on your page.

    • • Alert you of any relevant questions left on your page or in your inbox.

    • • Research and recommend best hashtags for you to use.

  • + Facebook Bot Funnel = $497

    • • We'll build an amazing custom Facebook bot funnel from start-to-finish.

    • • Optimized to help you meet your business goals (traffic, engagement, conversions).

    • • 2 round of revisions.




  • How will you know what to post? (+)

    • Once we get your order, we will send you a detailed questionnaire and start researching your business and acquiring vital information regarding your competitors and your target audience. We will use this information to understand exactly what your audience is looking for and then begin posting content custom tailored to benefit the specific needs of your business.

  • Can I review your social media posts before they go live? (+)

    • We offer the ability to review posts in our Package #2. The post review process literally doubles or triples the time involved, therefore raising the cost. But we do post for many businesses every day, and all of them trust us with their content. :)

  • Can I still post on my accounts? (+)

    • Absolutely! You are free to continue posting and managing your accounts to whatever extent you would like.

  • What should I do when I have new products or specials that I want to promote? (+)

    • Feel free to send them over to us! You are welcome to email new information or instructions to your account manger at any time. We are here to make things easier for you!

  • Do I have to sign a contract? (+)

    • There will be a short online letter of agreement for you to sign which will clearly explain the terms of service along with our obligations to you (performing the work promised) and your obligations to us (paying for our services). You are free to walk away at any time you would like, we only ask for a 30 days notice.

  • What about Instagram and Pinterest? (+)

    • Instagram and Pinterest are hot sellers and effective platforms. Since they require unique strategies and include some awesome growth strategies, we sell them separately.

  • Can we have monthly calls? (+)

    • Some of our enterprise packages include a monthly call, but the packages listed here include unlimited email support, as we've found this to be most effective for both parties.

    • We fully embrace asynchronous communication as a hugely effective focus and productivity booster. We recommend giving it a try!

    • If you truly need to schedule a monthly call, you may do so for an extra fee. ($125/hour)

  • What if I need something more robust than what's listed here? (+)

    • We'd be happy to work with you to devise a custom package that suits your needs. We also work in SEO, web development, public relations, video production, graphic design, and more. Contact us to learn more!